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Andrew Corbman Explores the Route to Financial Independence


Andrew Corbman owns a successful financial consulting firm in Ashburn, Virginia. There, he specializes in helping those who are nearing retirement successfully plan for their financial future.

Corbman graduated from the University of Maryland in 1994, with a degree in finance. His firm, ASC Financial, focuses on bridging the gap in information for people who are seriously looking into retirement.  Therefore, Andrew Corbman works closely, one on one with his clients, ensuring that he gets to know them personally.

After all, every situation is different and Corbman knows it’s his job to seek out those differences to benefit his clients.

For clients over fifty, Corbman wants to ensure they understand retirement systems, social security, and their legacy planning concepts.


Retirement Systems with Andrew Corbman

There is quite a lot that goes into figuring out the best course of action for each person’s retirement system.

Unfortunately, there always seems to be something that’s being added or changed. Yet, by having a financial consultant like Corbman on your side, you will be able to face retirement confidently.

Andrew Corbman has extensive experience with fixed annuities, life insurance, and other complex retirements systems. He can also help each client understand what each retirement system means for their life and their future, specifically.


Corbman on Social Security

According to the Social Security Administration, ninety-percent of Americans age 65 and older receive Social Security income benefits.

This is great, for the most part. However, there are certain pitfalls within specific Social Security plans that can be detrimental.

Andrew Corbman will explain these issues and find solutions so that clients can go into retirement without fear.

In summation, Andrew Corbman of ASC Financial provides his clients with the latest information the retirement issue has to offer. He understands that he is advising on your financial future and the trust his clients bestow upon him. Corbman certainly doesn’t take this responsibility lightly, but he is confident in what he does.

Corbman has been in the financial business for nearly twenty-five years and it is his passion. Corbman takes pride in being able to secure his client’s financial futures.

In conclusion, for more information or to set up a consultation, visit ASC Financial’s website.

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